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A Taste of Brasilito

Brasilito is…the place to visit if you are looking for an off-the-beaten path, lazy adventure with lots of local flavor. Located on route 180 just north of Huacus and south of Flamingo is where you will find this small community brimming with pura vida layed out along the stretch of Playa Brasilito.

No need for alarm clocks with roosters crowimg daily and howler monkeys alerting all the sun will rise soon. Life in Brasilito does not officially begin until the small white-haired senior with sun-kissed skin takes her morning stroll down the dusty road toward La Casita Pescado parallel to the beach. Some say she is Indira, the name of the busy but crumbling bar that sits on Playa Brasilito. Others say Indira is actually the daughter. One thing is certain, you can set your watch by her morning walks. The parade of locals walking to work, bus stops and waiting for rides increases joined by kids of all ages trying to balance stuffed back packs on their backs while briskly walking to school.

Around the plaza, the center of every Tico village, are several restaurants that open for breakfast. Options range from typical tico desayuno of gallo pinto, fresh fruit and plantains to an American breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. Not in the mood for a full breakfast? No problem. Stop by Licuas2 Locos, the white smoothie truck, parked next to Super Cindy, on the north-west corner of the plaza for a delicious, fresh fruit smoothie to go. Or cross the street and walk a few steps north where you will find Roger and his old pickup, a local with a great smile and friendly disposition, selling cold refreshing pipa (green coconut) water and sugar cane juice. Two tropical treats you must try before leaving the country. If you are a chocoholic, the Beach Chocolate Factory, just a mile down the road, makes fresh hot chocolate and handmade chocolate covered granola bars.

After breakfast the only question is, what should I do first? Get your engine running on an ATV. A two-hour ATV tour will take you to the five area beaches. Playa Brasilito, Playa Conchal, Playa Bahia de Los Piratas, Playa Real and Playa Minas. The most famous and frequented is Playa Conchal. It is just over the red dirt hill at the south end of Playa Brasilito. It is a breathtaking sight as your ATV levels out and you lock eyes with the sun bouncing on crystal clear water and broken seashells instead of sand. As your travel further south in 3rd gear with wind in your hair, the seashells turn into white powdery sand that gets finer the further you go. Be careful not to drive into one of the many souvenir stands that line both sides of the path near the back gate of the Westin Conchal resort. Not into driving yourself around? Visit all five beaches on horseback. Hop on one in the plaza or pick one up on Conchal.

Whether you ride, drive or walk, Conchal is a fun, exciting beach that offers snorkeling, jet skis, kayaking or fishing. Wanna just hang out and chill? The beach is filled with locals selling fresh grilled lobster, red snapper and pincho (grilled chunks of chicken, beef or pork on a skewer) and ice chests of beer, water and pipa to cool you down.

Give yourself enough time to peruse and make deals on handcrafted wood vases and bowls in all shapes and sizes, handmade jewelry, clothing and other great finds. Seek out Everett, a soft-spoken merchant with kind eyes, that sells beautiful bowls made of coconut and cinnamon. End your beach visit with an-hour long massage for $20.00 from the many messieurs on the beach. Relax and melt into the table as you listen to the sounds of the surf and birds. Double the pleasure and ask for a four-handed massage for 30 minutes for the same price.

Want something a little more challenging than driving off road? How about seeing all of Brasilito from a plane just before sky-diving? If so you are in luck, tandem sky-diving is now in Brasilito. It is a great way to see the vastness of the Pacific and the beauty of the rolling green mountain seashore of Costa Rica.

Say adios to your daytime fun by catching sunset on either of the playas. The beach will be sprinkled with locals and tourists, cameras and cell phones in hand to capture the vibrant yellow, red and orange hues that paint the sky.

You do not have to look very hard or far for a place to have dinner. Within walking distance are several restaurants/sodas to meet your craving for seafood, typical Tico or American food. Don Brasilitos a well-known bar and restaurant is a favorite among Ticos and tourists alike. It is a casual, spacious place with a large menu. Stop in for drinks, play pool or sing your heart out on karaoke night. Check out the red classic car mounted on the inside of the front entrance.

If you are up for a huge serving of local culture, stop by Che Che (pronounced Chay Chay) or Indira. These two bars have been around since the town began. Che Che is known for its loud dance music and partying locals. They have a small outdoor seating area. While Indira boasts, it is the place to go for “Adult Daycare”.

Whether you spend a few days or a week in Brasilito, you will never forget this small, charming town with a lot of personality and the gateway to one of the prettiest beaches in all of Costa Rica.

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