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 Package - SCUBA Pacific Costa Rica

SCUBA on the west coast of Costa Rica is very special.  The Pacific Rim is just minutes from shore and in the shallow waters we have many opportunities to see a variety of deep water sea life.  Our dive package offers an introduction to this amazing area.  A 6 day/5 night stay and 6 dives in three days leaving some time to relax and explore what Costa Rica has to offer above the water, too.

Our hotel is situated 300 meters from Brasilito Beach. Standing on the beach watching one of our spectacular sunsets you cannot miss the beautiful Islas Catalinas, the Catalina Islands.  The closest and fastest way to get there is from Flamingo Marina and we are minutes away and perfectly situated to make your scuba trip easy and hassle free.


Catalina Islands is a archipelago of 20 uninhabited islands that sit just eight miles off shore but offers other-world experiences for divers, bird watchers, and land animal lovers alike.  The water is often described as breathtaking indigo color and you will feel like you have entered another world.

Here Scuba Diving is possible year-round because the water stays a warm 75-85 degrees fahrenheight and visibility is consistently between 18 and 75 feet.  


January thru March offers the highest number of rays, including manta rays, stingrays, bat rays, bullseye rays, spotted rays, and mobular rays. It is not unusual to see schools of these incredible creatures gracefully swimming past you as you spend time in the water exploring the undersea world.


September thru March is the best time to see whale sharks, tiger sharks, killer whales, humpback whales, pilot whales, and spinner dolphins.

But May to October is the best time to dive the Catalinas because that is when we get the best visibility, the indigo blue water color is at it's most beautiful, and the animal life is flourishing. It's also the low season because central and south american children are in school so the rates are low and there aren't any crowds.  That means more space and a more comfortable time on the dive boat.

Throughout the year you will encounter schools of fish of various sizes including barracudas, spiny scorpion fish, lemon-coloured barberfish, king angelfish, and bright-striped Cortez angelfish. 

The formations of Catalina Islands provide a spectacular variety of marine life from nudibranchs to sharks, with angel fish, jacks, snappers, grunts, octopus and eels in between.  It's a divers paradise.

Want an amazing diving experience? Check out our packages!



Las Catalinas

3 Days Diving at Las Catalinas

6 Dives Total

5 Nights

$475 double occupancy, $550 single occupancy


Cats and Bats

2 Days Diving at Las Catalinas

1 Day at Bat Islands

6 Dives Total

5 Nights

$625 double occupancy, $700 single occupancy

Discover Scuba Diving - Weekend Deal

1 Days Diving at Las Catalinas

2 Dives Total

2 Nights

$220 double occupancy, $250 single occupancy

Open Water Course

2 Days Diving at Las Catalinas

5 Pool Dives

4 Ocean Dives

5 Nights

$625 double occupancy, $700 single occupancy

Advanced Open Water Course

2 Days Diving at Las Catalinas

5 Ocean Dives

4 Nights

$590 double occupancy, $650 single occupancy


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