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Discover Playa Carbón

Very few visitors find this little gem. I’m not even sure I should be telling of this so I can keep it to myself and the few that make the short journey over the hill from Playa Ventanas.

From the little town of Matapalo you go over the hill and enter Playa Grande, home to the Las Baulas National Park. This is one of only a few nesting places in the world for the giant Leatherback turtles. As you enter the park area keep to your right and follow the road to the area called Playa Ventanas. This is a nice swim beach with tidepools at the far end. The next cove over is called Playa Carbon. A trail at the northern end of Ventanas leads you through a forested area and down a slope onto a pure black sand beach. This cove area is very beautiful and shockingly different from the adjoining white sand beaches. It’s like a wilderness. You hear the waves crashing surrounded by hills and no view of the area; just a focus out to sea with endless expanse. Birds and other animals supply a musical tone to the area. A beautiful array of shells dot this beach. Visitors can enjoy but it is illegal to remove them. Snorkeling can be pretty good here but spearfishing is illegal throughout the park. Please be respectful of the area and do not remove or mishandle nature’s items. Enjoy and don’t forget your water bottle. That black sand gets hot!

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