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We are here to help you do the things you cannot do when you are away.

*Check on your house regularly.

*Make sure the pests aren't moving in.

*Make sure the jungle doesn't overtake your yard.

*Care for your pool.

   or make sure your pool service is doing their job.

*Pay your bills.

*Water your plants.

*Drive your car monthly (or the frequency you want) 

   and facilitate repairs, maintenance, and legality     

   (Retive, Marchamo, etc.).

*Repairs, maintenance, renovations of your home

   per your instructions.


*Monitor for leaks and flooding during the rainy season.

*Receive documents and other items you have sent

   and we will keep them safely until your return.

*Find vacation renters, short term and long term  renters

   and manage them for you.

*Other individual needs....just ask.

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