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All inclusive paddle excursion from either Brasilito,

Flamingo or Potrero. Cover the basics and safety

with a brief on land lesson. The adventure starts

when you hit the water to test out your balance

and agility while enjoying the sights of the natural

surroundings. Your destination is an offshore

island where you will take a break to enjoy some

fresh fruit and water. Explore the beach and tide

pools of the island; looking for remaining

marine life. For those who would like the chance of

more up-close encounters, guided snorkeling is

included. Puffer fish, starfish and sting rays are

known to hang around the rocks of the island.

Afterwards, its back on your board to finish with a

relaxing paddle back to the mainland.

2 Hours

$55 per person (2-4 people)

$75 private

Island Paddle Tour

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